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Wisdom Cannot Save You

From Ecclesiastes 9

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Hope from Todays Reading:

”Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner destroys much good.” (Ecclesiastes 9:18 ESV)

Hang with me for a second—this verse is encouraging in a roundabout way.

Wisdom is definitely worth pursuing. The Ecclesiastes makes that clear, writing how wisdom can overcome the worst odds (9:15). Wisdom is "better than might" (v. 16). Wisdom "helps one to succeed" (10:10). Wisdom wins you favor (v. 12).

So go after wisdom—hard.

But remember, "one sinner destroys much good." In other words, choices, situations, and circumstances outside of your control can (and likely will) counteract your pursuit. You might be doing your best, but something bad happens anyway. This is vanity, but too, this is reality. The Ecclesiastes writer doesn't want us to forget that.

Here's the danger if we do: the first time a sinful choice destroys the good we've worked for, we'll give up. We'll stop walking toward good. We'll think this whole wisdom-seeking thing is a waste of time.

But wisdom was never meant to be your Savior. Wisdom—for sure—can help you have a better life. It can rescue you from foolish choices and dangerous paths. But Jesus—and Jesus alone—was meant to save you. All of you. Soul, mind, heart, body, strength. Every day, fully, from now through eternity.

Jesus alone is your seal of redemption. So most of all, first and foremost, above anything and everything else walk toward Him.

Hopefully yours,

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