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Well Supplied

From Psalm 85

Had to go back in the archives for this one ... Dad and I need to take more selfies!

They say, “You don’t know how often you use a finger until you break it," and the adage is true. I didn’t know how often I used my thumb—who needs their non-dominant thumb?—until I broke mine. And after a few more life experiences, I’d also say: “You don’t know how often you use a microwave until it breaks.”

I discovered this about a year ago when, out of the blue one morning, my microwave just quit. No warning. No smoke. My first thought was that it came unplugged. I have an over-the-range microwave, and the power cord stays tucked behind a cabinet full of cookbooks. So occasionally, when I move books around or return a book to its spot, I knock the cord out of place. But after checking the connection and trying both outlets, still ... nothing. The microwave (which, by the way, I had bought brand-new less than three years before) just quit.

Here’s another genius piece of the story: I had just sold my spare microwave (which did work) that my parents gave me just in case, but that I decided I didn't need. I practically gave it away at a garage sale for $5.

So no microwave—and I really hadn’t realized how much I used one. I microwave oatmeal regularly for breakfast. This was out, unless I wanted to make it the old-fashioned (and more time-consuming) way on the stove. I microwave leftovers just about every day. This was out, unless I ate them cold (which I did) or reheated a plate of leftovers in the oven (which doesn’t work as well as you’d think).

That said, buying a new microwave wasn’t cheap, especially one that would fit over-the-range. And at the time, my financial priority was paying the necessities—I didn’t have an extra couple hundred dollars to pay for a new microwave … again. So I let it go. For days, weeks, and then months, I kept eating cold leftovers, skipping popcorn, and making oatmeal on the stove. I just learned to live without it.

Until, one day ... a text from my dad: “I’ve shipped a microwave to you. It should be there on Wednesday.” Sure enough, Wednesday comes, and a large box arrives. And then, because the box is too heavy for me to move and the microwave is too complicated for me to install, a group of sweet, older gentlemen from church volunteer to come by my house and install it for me. Then they haul away my old one. All for free. (Though I did bake thank-you cookies!)

Just like that, I have a new microwave, and it works beautifully, and all of this through no effort or expense of my own.

Psalm 85:8 says, “I will listen to God the Lord. He has ordered peace for those who worship him” (NCV). I read that this week, picked up on the word ordered, and couldn’t help but think of my dad, who, knowing what I need—and even when I don't ask, which is often—just orders things for me. He pays for them and sends them on, just to make my life a little more pleasant and a whole lot easier.

Isn’t that just like our heavenly Father?

Through no effort of our own, He knows what we need (or, maybe, it’s not what we need, but He knows it will make our lives just that much better). He knows what we’re trying hard to live without. He knows what we’re afraid to ask for. And just like that, He orders it for us: things like forgiveness, salvation, contentment, provision, peace. He sends them on, making a way for us to have what we need and what we want‚ regardless of what we deserve or could ever afford.

Our Father is good—so good. He is a giver. And like my dad, He delights to give good things to His child. You, friend, are well supplied in Him.

Hopefully yours,

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Next Week’s Reading: Psalm 89–95.


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