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Walk in Truth

From Psalm 60

Emily P. Freeman, podcaster behind The Next Right Thing, created a quiz to help us discover our decision-making styles. I took it earlier this year, in the winter, and my results came back “heart.” I took it again this morning, and my results came back “gut” or “intuition.”

I’ll tell you what though, I could probably take this quiz every six months for the rest of my life and never come back with the result “head.” Logic just isn’t what drives me.

That’s why I treasure the logical people in my life, and I try to surround myself with them. I know I am intuitive. I know I listen to my heart. And I mean, I weigh facts too. I definitely consult Scripture, and I pray and pray and pray, writing out my thoughts and weighing pros and cons and pleading with the Lord to not let me wander. But once I know, I know; and if I find the courage, I follow through.

And yet, even in the confidence I feel about “This is what I’m going to do,” beneath the surface, there is so much doubt. And so many questions:

Am I being misled?

Am I misunderstanding?

Am I missing something?

What if this?

What if they think that?

The doubt can be crippling. And it often keeps me from taking my next step, which is, in fact, what Emily’s entire podcast and recently released book are about (both titled The Next Right Thing). I recommend her work if you’re struggling with what she calls “decision fatigue.” But right now, God’s Word is my primary focus.

Because, sometimes, the decision we’re making is not some “red pill/blue pill” scenario. It’s not this job or that one. It’s not this city or this college or this purchase or whatever. Sometimes the decision is FAR more important than all of these combined, because it’s about whether you will step forward in God’s truth:

Will you accept the truth that you need Jesus?

Will you accept the truth that His blood wipes away your sins?

Will you accept the truth that you are a sinner?

Will you accept the truth that God is for you?

Will you accept the truth that you are valued and chosen and loved?

There are plenty more, but here’s the point. On all of these divinely revealed truths, we need to let go of following our head or heart or intuition. We need to let go of the lies the devil tries to sell in his attempt to have us disbelieve what God has declared to be true.

“Whatever contradicts the truth of God’s Word, we are to regard as the Devil’s lie, not because it may not be in itself a very real fact to our senses, but because God has stated a greater fact before which the other must eventually yield.” (Watchman Nee, The Normal Christian Life, p. 45)

In Psalm 60, here’s what the people saw and felt and believed: “God, surely you have rejected us; you do not go out with our armies” (Psalm 60:10 NCV). But then, in the very next verse, here’s what they declared to be true: “But we can win with God’s help. He will defeat our enemies” (v. 11).

It seems contradictory, and it is. Often, what we feel and see and believe isn’t what is actually true. So look to Scripture. Lean on God. Trust His never-changing Word and character. What He has said will stand today and tomorrow and always, no matter what you think, feel, or believe.

Hopefully yours,

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Next Week’s Reading: Psalm 61–67.


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