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From Psalm 68

I started a God’s Gifts list when I was going through my divorce. I was having a hard time seeing the good and remembering, despite the heartache, that I was still very very blessed. So I started writing down, every night, a list of things God had gifted to me.

Some gifts stayed the same from day to day: a warm bed to sleep in, coffee in the morning, food in my pantry, money for gas. Some gifts changed—a special grace: dinner with a friend, kind words from an employer, a new opportunity, a sweet interaction with my daughter.

The point, of course, was to remind myself that God is good to me and I am richly, inordinately, undeservedly blessed every day.

“Praise the Lord, God our Savior, who helps us every day” (Psalm 68:19 NCV).

I challenge you to start a God’s Gifts list. It’s so easy to forget why we should be grateful. It’s so easy to forget how good God is. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hurt or the mundane. It’s so easy to complain. As much as I like to think I’d never act the way the Israelites did in the wilderness, truth is, I totally would—and do.

Giving thanks helps me change that. It reroutes my attitude and perspective, and I believe it can do the same for you. If you don’t have a habit of giving thanks already, feel free to use my short list below as inspiration. Feel free to add to it too—leave a comment! Most of all, I encourage you to start your own. God has blessed you, me, us in too many ways.

Thank You, Lord, for …

  • Coffee to warm me up on a cool fall morning.

  • A cool fall morning!

  • The ability to move and walk and exercise.

  • The ability to feed my body well with things like bananas and almonds and dark chocolate. (Yes, I had chocolate for breakfast …)

  • Cozy sweatshirts.

  • A car that runs well.

  • The ability to buy gas.

  • The ability to think and write.

  • A computer to write with.

  • The internet and the ability to share about You.

  • People surrounding me who care about You and Your Word.

  • People who encourage me to stay close to You.

  • A good night’s rest.

  • Work to do that pays my bills.

  • Work to do that I enjoy.

  • The ability to work.

  • A beautiful, kind, creative daughter.

  • Friends and family members who build me up and point me to You.

  • Good health.

  • Vitamin C.

  • The ability to fight a cold.

  • Your Word.

  • The encouragement Your Word provides.

  • The ability to pray to You.

This is just the beginning … and this is just about me. Your gifts will differ, though some may be the same. The main thing is, realizing and remembering that God has been far too good to us to forsake the opportunity to praise Him and give thanks.

Hopefully yours,

Author, blog, Christian

Next Week’s Reading: Psalm 68–74.


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