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Simple Psalm

From Psalms 111–112


This week’s reading included two psalms that, in the original language, are acrostics (Psalms 111–112). That means the first word of each line follows the order of the Hebrew alphabet. So instead of writing about these psalms this week, I tried writing my own.

I encourage you to do the same. But if not, at least know that you could—know that every single one of us could, using the same letters but diverse phrases—and we’d never exhaust the goodness of our God. Even if every single one of us had written acrostics in every language, every day, from the time of David until now—even then, we still wouldn’t have captured the breadth, and depth, and height, and length of His unfailing love.

So I offer my simple psalm to you. He’s too good to be captured, but He deserves the best we can muster. I hope this points your heart in the direction of praising Him today.

Although I cannot see You, my days are

Better for having You in them.

Concern melts away.

Doubt picks up and tosses around,

Escaping over the gate like a leaf.

Fear, that constant companion, You

Guard behind a door stained with love.

Hope becomes the blanket

I sleep with.

Joining hearts with You each morning,

Kneeling before You at night, I remember Your

Lavish affection.

My needs met—over and above my

Needs even. You supply

Our desires.

Praise is never enough.

Questions come—How? How long?—They

Race through me,

Showing my true thoughts and feelings in challenging

Times. But even then, You

Understand. Even then, when I

Visit with You, You

Welcome me. So I


You now, Lord, my Father and Friend.

Zeal for Your house, like those gone ahead, has consumed me.

Hopefully yours,

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Next week’s reading: Psalm 113–119:1-88.


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