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Shape My Heart

From Psalm 119

Hope from Todays Reading:

"Help me understand, so I can keep your teachings, obeying them with all my heart. Make me want to keep your rules." (Psalm 119:34–36 NCV)

To do what God wants, you have to want to do what God wants. But how? How do you learn to want what God wants, especially when everything in you begs you to do what feels good, what makes sense, or what's easiest or more convenient in the moment?

Try praying this verse.

First, ask for understanding. It helps to know why God has asked for obedience in whatever area you might be struggling. It helps to realize, whatever it is, He's looking out for what's best for you and only wants your good.

Second, ask for desire. Ask for God to shape your heart to want what He wants—not just now, while you're reading a spiritually minded thing. And not just later, after you've already done the thing you hate and you're feeling remorseful. But in the moment it matters, ask God to help you understand and want and choose His way.

Hopefully yours,

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