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From Psalm 48

Hope from Todays Reading:

”God, we come into your Temple to think about your love.” (Psalm 48:9 NCV)

Who loves you? Maybe you aren't with a spouse, but you are loved by a child or parent or best friend. Maybe you are with a spouse, and the love you've built together is tender and sure-footed and sweet. Maybe you are loved by a church family that stands by you in dark and painful seasons. Maybe you are loved by a grandparent, or a sibling, or some combination of all of these.

You know they love you because they provide for you. Because they talk kindly to you. Because they know you (all the secrets, all the sins) and love you fully and deeply and easily—because their love for you is swathed in grace. You know they love you because they stand by you, and when the need arises, they stand up for you too. They want the best for you. And they are there to help you reach it.

You have good people in your life, people who love you. But all of these people combined—every good word or deed or gesture they've ever demonstrated to you—is but a shadow of the love of the Divine.

God's love for you is everything—and then some. It's all the best of all of your best relationships—and more. It is higher and wider and deeper than your fullest heart-moment on the earth. So choose a space today, and make it sacred by thinking about His love.

Hopefully yours,

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