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Keep Going

From Psalm 84

Hope from Todays Reading:

”Happy are the people who live at your Temple; they are always praising you. Happy are those whose strength comes from you, who want to travel to Jerusalem.” (Psalm 84:4–5 NCV)

Some days, we feel close to God. We feel like one of those, in ancient days, who lived at the Temple—just on fire with praise and sensing God's presence all around. Other days, we're more like one who lived far away from Jerusalem: we have a long trek ahead of us so we might find God's presence—either for the first time or once again. We feel distant, or weak, or alone.

I love this encouragement from today's reading: "The people get stronger as they go" (v. 7).

Keep going, friend. If you feel far away from God, if you feel weak or alone, if you feel overcome by fear or anxiety, by temptation, or by a lack of knowledge or peace, keep going. You will gain strength as you go. And realize, the psalmist said both are happy: the ones at the Temple and the ones traveling toward it.

We are equally cared for (see v. 11) and blessed in our unique pursuits of the Lord.

Hopefully yours,

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