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How to Please the Lord

From Psalm 69

Hope from Todays Reading:

”I will praise God in a song and will honor him by giving thanks. That will please the Lord more than offering him cattle, more than sacrificing a bull with horns and hoofs.” (Psalm 69:30-31 NCV)

This is why we make the list—the God's Gifts list we started a couple days ago. Gratitude is more than a good idea; it's pleasing to the Lord, even more so than a physical sacrifice.

And, yes, gratitude can be a sacrifice: on the hard days, on the trying days, it's a sacrifice to reflect on and remember the many reasons for which you still can be grateful. It's a challenge to say the words you might not, in that hard or painful moment, feel. But He deserves our praise—every day, no matter what. And He desires it.

"So through Jesus let us always offer to God our sacrifice of praise, coming from lips that speak his name" (Hebrews 13:15, emphasis mine).

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