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He Will Take You In

From Psalm 27

Hope from Todays Reading:

”If my father and mother leave me, the Lord will take me in.” (Psalm 27:10 NCV)

Personally, I can’t imagine this verse being true. My parents have been more than parents to me. They’ve been friends, confidantes, co-workers around my house, and co-parents to Liv when I’ve been sick or exhausted or just unsure what to do. They’ve gone above and beyond their father/mother roles for me.

But a verse like this reminds me not to take them for granted. They might never leave me voluntarily, but life is short. None of us will be around to take care of the other forever.

But God will.

He will be around when the worst happens. When the one who said they’d never leave, does. When the one you never imagined life without, isn’t there. God will be there, for He said Himself, ”I will never leave you; I will never abandon you” (Hebrews 13:5).

Above all, let’s place our confidence in Him. He will take you in.

Hopefully yours,

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