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Don’t Give Up

From Psalm 125

Hope from Todays Reading:

"Lord, be good to those who are good, whose hearts are honest." (Psalm 125:4 NCV)

We tend to shove ourselves into one of two categories: good person, bad person. We make a mistake and think, Okay, now I'm bad. We get some things right and think, Okay, now I'm good. But is this wishy-washiness how the Lord wants us to live?

Maybe it would help to change our categories. Psalm 125, for example, doesn't break it down into "good" versus "bad," but into three categories:

  1. Those who are good, whose hearts are honest.

  2. Those who do evil.

  3. Those who stop following the Lord.

Next time you make a mistake, ask yourself: Am I a person who does evil intentionally? Am I a person who no longer cares and has given up on following the Lord? Or am I a person who recognizes my mistake and seeks reconciliation before God and others with an honest heart?

If you're in the last category, then notice what the psalm says about you: you are good. Period. This is not about perfection. This is about not giving up.

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