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Choose Well

From Ecclesiastes 2

My big brother, Wes, riding in the Loen Valley, Norway.

Hope from Today's Reading:

"The best a person can do is eat, drink and enjoy his work. I saw that even this comes from God." (Ecclesiastes 2:24 NIRV)

That last one—I don't know a person who's lived it out better than my brother. He had a job and didn't like it. So he quit, chased a dream, and moved to New Zealand. A year later, when he came back to the states, he chose a different job—one he liked. When he maxed out his opportunities there, he found another one he liked even more.

He enjoys his work.

It's a simple concept, but one I've seen many people neglect. I'd say the majority live by an unspoken rule—work for the weekend and complain throughout the week. Can't we enjoy what we do instead? And if we don't, can't we try something else?

It's not that simple. Okay, maybe. But if you get a chance at this life only once, then maybe choosing what's simple shouldn't be your goal.

Choose well.

Hopefully yours,

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